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Interior Design Trends: Vegetable Inspired Tableware & Where to Buy

Autumn is fast approaching, the weather is getting cooler, the jumpers are coming out of the closets and we will start spending more time indoors. During this time we search for more things that will bring us comfort and make us feel cozy, like warm earthy tones on the walls, spice scented candles and sheepskin throws. This year I have notices a slightly different trend appearing in the form of vegetable inspired tableware and I have to say I am in love with it. These pieces can make a real statement to your table and look amazing paired with vintage coloured glassware.

So where can you purchase these delightful pieces, don't worry I have searched and found the best options out there on the market:

1. Liberty London

Image source: Instagram/LibertyLondon

Liberty London has created a limited edition series inspired by Radicchio, an Italian relative of the chicory. The series celebrates traditional ceramic artistry, each piece has been painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nove – home to some of the best handcrafted ceramics in Italy. Using clay and kaolin from the Brenta River, each piece is dreamt up and produced using a century-old, wood-fired furnace. These pieces will give any table a vibrant finish and make any food instagram worthy, click here to shop.

2. Birdie Fortescue

Image Source: Instagram/BirdyFortescue

Image Source: Instagram/BirdieFortescue

As this is a blog that is mostly focused on local, creative businesses, I am happy to be able to include this local independent homeware shop - Birdie Fortescue, located in Fakenham, Norfolk. Their brand is mostly concentrated on textiles and home accessories in a classic contemporary style. I love all their products but their Cabbage-ware series is what we are exploring today, available in various sizes and come in several colours of green, grey and blues, designs and colours can be mixed together to create a stunning table-sape. Also check out their statement bud vase created in collaboration between ceramicist Joanna Ling, each one is unique. Click here to shop.

3. Mrs Alice

Images Source:

Image Source:

Whoever dreams of having a table styled by Alice Naylor-Leyland can now purchase her stunning tableware from her own company which she launched in 2019. All her products create a sense of elegance and sophistication, and has a range of different vegetable inspired crockery. The image above is of her cabbage plate hand-painted by Aude Clément in France, that comes in green and blue and pairs perfectly with her bamboo cutlery. Click here to see more.

4. Bordallo Pinheiro - Fiona Finds

Image Source: Instagram/LibertyLondon

Image Source: Instagram/FionaFinds

Everybody knows the iconic Portagese cabbage-ware company Bordallo Pinheiro, If you are lucky enough to find any vintage pieces being sold in an antique or second hand store then you have hit the jack-pot. In 1884, painter and cartoonist Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro began producing ceramics and established a factory for glazed pottery in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, together with his younger brother. In his ceramic work, Bordallo Pinheiro combined the city’s ancient pottery tradition with high-technology methods and a unique, humorous artistry influenced by both contemporary Art Nouveau and Moorish designs. He mixed utilitarian and decorative objects – tiles, plates, platters, figurines and table centrepieces – using animals and vegetables as recurrent themes. The brand has evolved with the times and modernised but is still producing timeless pieces. Pieces can be bought at Fiona Finds who is dedicated to hand-picking the finest selection of homeware and ceramics, click here to see her collection.

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