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Interior Styling: How to Mix Different Patterns in an Interior

Sometimes people can be worried about using more than one pattern in a room, let me assure that you shouldn't be discouraged. Different patterns can work well together and create layering and focus to a room however it is very easy to get it wrong, don't worry I have created some easy guidelines follow when choosing your new fabric and wallpapers. Below is my 5 tips for matching different patterns:

1. Use similar colours and tones - different patterns need to have a relationship to each other, one way to achieve this is by keeping a similar colour palette and tonal family throughout the design. Too many different patterns in different colours can be over whelming on the eyes.

2. Blend an intricate pattern with a similar uniformed pattern - this can provide variation and contrast while also avoiding a fight for attention and focus.

3. Incorporate different sizes - Use a large pattern style as the dominant pattern and use with this smaller scale patterns for accents.

4. Create Contrast - Using varying degrees of light and dark tones helps draw the eye and creates layering while helping to set a narrative.

5. Don't over do it - Limit the amount of pattern used together to a maximum three or four, anymore with visually overload.

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