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Local Knowledge: 7 Locally Made Candle Companies To Love

We all love a nice smelling room, it's always refreshing to have a scented candle burning while relaxing around the house. Other than making your house smell delicious, candles can be great to use as interior accessories and adding some style to your home. Here is an introduction to seven Suffolk companies making beautiful candles locally.

1. The Suffolk Candle Co.

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The Suffolk Candle Co has a wonderful collection with the most interesting fuses of scents, they offer a candle to fit any season. These Candles are hand-poured and made from 100% soy wax instead of paraffin.

2. Loggique

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This is my favourite go-to company for candles, not only are their scents amazing, but the packaging is also stunning as well. For this company, it is all about the high-quality ingredients they use. They use coconut wax instead of soy as it has a lower burning point and all their oils are therapeutic graded and organic, they even sourced Lavender for their lavender oil from local Suffolk farms.

3. J Candles Suffolk

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A new company with an emphasis on mental health. Each scent has been carefully selected in order to reduce anxiety and stress. The shop is small offering two collections, the original 'Calm Collection' offers Jasmine, Lavender, Coconut or Vanilla. The second new 'Fresh Collection' offers Honeysuckle and Fresh Linen. All candles are hand-poured and made from 100% soy wax.

4. Arya Candles

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These award-winning socially conscious candles have ethics at the heart of their company. Their candles contain 100% natural ingredients made from rapeseed oil. As well as being all-natural, their sales from the products help support women from war-torn countries.

5. The Ruby Grace Candle Co

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A modest family-run business, Ruby Grace has the feel of a true artisan product. Candles are made from a natural soy blend and all packaging is recyclable/reusable. I especially like their outside citronella candle and fragrance hanging heart decoration.

6. The Southwold Candle Co

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Based in the popular holiday coastal town of Southwold, the scents are not a standard collection but instead are inspired by the creator's favourite parts of Southwold and the surrounding areas in Suffolk. The creators James and Andrew wanted to create candles that were marketed towards both men and woman.

7. Illumens Candles

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These Candles are by Caroline & Russell Hardy who has previously made products for companies such as Ralph Lauren, Mark & Spencers, Laura Ashley and many more. Every scent has been inspired by a moment in time or memory and tells a story. Each collection has a new collaboration with a local designer/artist to design the packaging. You can even suggest your own scent that triggers a personal memory, making the product truly personal.

Thanks for reading, Ella x

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